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  • Hello. I hope I am not bothering you.

    I also hope that you are not completely annoyed by my seemingly constant pestering regarding credits (new year, but apparently, I have not changed), but I do hope you understand that being properly credited is important to me (and in turn, I am always sure that I always credit others when I borrow content as well). Please don't think that I am bothering only you about this; I even message Tumblr users who use our test for graphics.

    This is just a small request. Considering the amount of effort taken to write articles. I've noticed that you have a template to credit people who translate articles. Would it be fair to request that you also have a template, or perhaps integrate/just add it onto the aforementioned template, to credit us as the source of this translated content, and that all pages copied from the wiki (if the majority of the page contains content copied from our wiki) have this template?

    I also recall our last conversation regarding Wikia license. Said license actually supports my request (see the listed attribution requirements). So basically, I'd like something like the {{Wikipedia}} template (this is more updated and clear though), which meets the requirements: a link to the page itself and the page's history, which credits the authors in a way. It's very simple, and easy to create (I can make it for you if you want; in fact, here's an example) and use, and non-obstructive because it will be at the bottom of the page. Even I use this when needed. Like I said above, I am always careful about accreditation and citation of sources.

    This is only for pages translated from the wiki (if a page in no form copies content from our wiki, then no need). But if your article was written from scratch by another here, or once a translated page has been rewritten (small revisions do not yet count as different/original under CC-BY-SA) and the article (content and format) is no longer from the wiki, then feel free to remove or not add the template. (If only small parts of the article are copied, refs will do.) This isn't urgent to me. Perhaps mostly for future page creations, and those you or your fellow editors happen to stumble upon while editing.

    I hope you understand. Thank you very much, and many congratulations on your wiki's progress.

    P.S. Please understand that this is not simply a request. These are the terms of the CC-BY-SA license of our wikis.

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    • We're working on it. 

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    • Thanks very much. :)

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    • Sorry it took me so long to really answer you. We're working on the template with credits. But since back then you agreed that I could translate your content as long as I credited you (and I did it); since we completely changed our design when us copying yours annoyed you (and I'm not saying you weren't right); this is the last thing we're doing. We'll only add any more credits or similar things if Wikia's rules specifically tell us to. And by the rules it has now, we already did all the things we had to do.

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    • Yes, that's all I'm asking. Wikia rules do specify this.

      And it wasn't that I was annoyed by the design being like ours, it was that we weren't credited for it.

      I apologize if my giving you initial permission and just now asking for the credit is seeming like a bad thing; if I had read the ToU more thoroughly before, I would have told you then and there before giving my permission and it wouldn't be an issue now. I suppose that's my bad.

      P.S. I'd like to add that the license still requires links to the page it was translated from (page + page history (read as "authors" on the Terms page). Could you have that added to the template? It goes something like this (in your wiki's language):

      This page uses content from an [[w:c:shadowhunters:{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}|article]] at the '''[[w:c:shadowhunters|Shadowhunters wiki]]'''. The list of authors can be seen in the [{{{1|{{PAGENAME}}}}}?action=history '''page history'''].

      (I also now have a smaller example template on the wiki if you'd like to check it out.)

      If it's a hassle to add the links individually, I'd be happy to add them myself whenever I stumble upon any translated pages.

      Is there going to be a separate template for just this? Because it seems that not all the copied pages may have the Créditas template. It doesn't have to be big enough to be obstructive if you're skeptical about adding more templates to your page.

      I really do apologize for the late notice. Again, if I'd known that a huge part of the wiki is going to be copied, I would have told you earlier to avoid the current hassle.

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  • Hello, Morgaine. I'm glad to see things worked out for you with this URL and that the wiki has since grown spectacularly.

    I would like, however, to ask you and your fellow admins to properly credit the english Shadowhunters wiki as this wiki's main source for most, if not all, of your content and other things.

    Because as of right now, it is not just the content that you have transferred/translated onto here (which also seems to be a continuous process), but several elements as well. For example, the front page is almost an exact copy of the one on our wiki. The templates have also been copied, as well as the personalized messages to visitors (the notes, the warnings), and a couple of other elements (the navbar, the community and project pages, the infobox even the format, naming, and use of images, etc. etc.).

    It is not merely "consulting" or borrowing content anymore, it is replicating, just in another language.

    I will not ask you to change this as long as you give us credit where it is due. Most of these things took hours to work on, and days, maybe even weeks, altogether, (and years to develop, as everything grew during the years I've been managing the wiki) so I do believe it is deserved. Perhaps somewhere more visible, like the other sister interlanguage wikis do where they place it near the top where visitors can see. It would be very much appreciated.

    I wouldn't mind if it is temporary and you someday move down the note, as long as it is when you and your team have already taken action to become slightly more independent and develop the site's individuality/uniqueness (i.e. when you start making your own designs, writing your own content, etc.). I hope you understand. Thanks.

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    • In fact, I agree that any work taken from someone else has to be credited. However, I want to make it clear that if we borrowed your design, your mediawiki, your templates or anything else, it's because they were good. I'm not saying that we were right, we're actually sorry, but since you use the CC-BY-SA license, you have to be aware of the possibility that your content may be taken by someone else and used wherever they want to, no matter if you spent days, weeks or years developing it. Surely, that's not our case - as wikians, we know how hard it is to create content, and we think you have the right to control wether you want to share it with people or not. Consequently, we are very glad for your help - you gave us permission to translate the articles' content, and, when I was just starting, you’ve even helped me with design, main page and templates. We appreciate the fact that even though you felt outraged because of the use we made of your design, you let us keep it.

      But the fact is that we will try not to, as a sign of respect and, of course, following your advice, since it's time to do it. We'll try to develop our own design, in order not to have such problems like those in the future. All we ask you is patience as we replace the elements from en-Shadowhunters for our new ones, as we are not willing to show the readers a chaotic situation. We will keep translating your articles by now, but this is most likely to change soon.

      Thanks for everything.

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    • Thank you so much for understanding my point. And yes, while CC-BY-SA allows people to basically take our content, it is allowed under the condition that we are credited (which I always used to do for other wikis back when I used to copy template designs, before I went on to develop the wiki's own). It's really not just the templates, it's also the messages on the front page, etc. And we know you credit us, but it is only as your "basis". All I'm asking right now is that while you are still using most of our wiki content, you put the notice up a little higher on your front page. Just that. ^_^

      And yes, I actually do see that you are making efforts to make your own designs (I saw your ad looking for designers, revisers, etc.) and that's amazing. I wish you luck on your group's endeavor!

      But okay. In the end, I suppose it's up to you. Maybe this is just me concerned/in fear of people thinking it's us copying from you and not the other way around. :)

      By the way, I hope you don't mind! I had the old URLs closed and redirected to this one! :)

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  • Oi MorgaineLe Fay gostei muito das wikia que escreveu. E obrigada por me aceitar. Mas tenho uma pergunta para fazer. Como se faz um Inbox como daqueles do persnonagens ou meus o seu?

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    • Olá! Para criar um imbox, basta clicar em editar perfil, em seguida editor clássico. Verá uma barra com o nome fonte, clique nela. Após isto clique em mais + e então irá aparecer nossas predefinições. Clique na predefinição que começa com o nome Infobox Character. 

      Não sei se você já sabe editar, mas espero que esta explicação seja útil para você. 

      Ah, seja bem vinda!

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  • Olá, Morgaine! Como vai? :) Reparei que vocês aqui da Wiki criam "fichas" de personagens em seus perfis, fazendo uma descrição em terceira pessoa. Isso é uma regra ou mais uma espécie de tradição? É livre para qualquer um fazê-lo? Até logo!

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  • Ola, 

    Sou Edward Pierce e sou novo aqui, espero pode contar com sua amizade!

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  • Olá, Pilar!

    Eu reorganizei a página principal e coloquei mais conteúdo lá. Fique à vontade para mudar o que quiser. Eu aconselho que você faça um pedido de spotlight e de links interwiki para o link da comunidade apareça nas wikias de outros idiomas. Outra opção é candidatar a comunidade para o Projeto do mês para mais visibilidade!

    Enfim, me avise se houver algo mais com que eu possa ajudar.


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